GPS Guided Agronomics

Turftraq can be used for aerifcation, overseeding, fraze mowing, root pruning, or any other tractor attachment you use. Now you can boundary map turf surfaces, mark points of interest, such as irrigation heads, and create exact mapping. You have complete control of pass-to-pass overlap, implement size, and implement spacing.

Turftraq’s auto steer system will work with any brand of tractor.  Installation is a breeze and learning to operate Turftraq software is just as easy.  Improve your agronomic practices with the precision of sub-inch GPS guidance.

Works on ANY Brand of Tractor!


Traqnology created an exclusive Apple iOS app for iPad Air or Pro called Turftraq.  Apple iOS offers the most stable and secure platform for app development with a simple user interface.  Turftraq offers a very simple user layout making employee training and operation a breeze.  

Data security is paramount.  All mow designs are automatically backed up to Traqnology’s own cloud.  Mow designs can be shared among multiple iPads and redownloaded if an iPad is lost or destroyed.



Traqnology GPS systems are versatile.  If you have a Sportstraq line marking system, you are already set-up for GPS fertilizing and chemical spraying.  If you have our Turftraq system, utilize your tractor for applications or purchase an easy Switch Kit and transfer your GPS components to a UTV.  Load in your preferred attachment and go!

Traqnology’s cross country features allows you to map sidewalks so you can utilize GPS for snow removal.  Attach your snow blade, power broom, or snow thrower to your vehicle and auto steer your way, forward or backward, on your sidewalks.  No more turf damage! 

Easy Switch Kit: Unleash Ultimate Vehicle Flexibility

Maximize your ROI with our Easy Switch Kit! Seamlessly transfer your GPS antenna, steering motor, ECU, and iPad between vehicles. Designed for flexibility and optimized performance, ensure you’re getting the best out of your investment every day, all year long. Upgrade to versatility today!

Take advantage of Traqnology’s flexibility:  Mow, agronomics, fertilize, spray, line mark, and even snow removal – all with Traqnology!


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