Multi-functional Ground Prep & Seeding for Contractors


    Quick-Swap Between Attachments To Get Work Done

    The attachments have been designed by leading industry professionals. As a result, ABI Sports Turf has reimagined attachment design to ensure that all three phases of proper infield maintenance can be achieved with just one machine. Now you can quick-swap between attachments that groom, prepare, and renovate to maintain the most pristine playing surfaces or reclaim long neglected, weed-covered fields.

    ABI Force® Stealth Blade

    ABI Force Machine Option: Stealth Blades offer the perfect subsurface compaction relief. The middle ground between the Profile Blades and Scarifiers, Stealth Blades offer less resistance to cut through thicker-rooted vegetation, with ease. Great for de-weeding an infield skin, or vegetation removal off the skin.

    ABI Force® Slit Aerator

    ABI Force Machine Option: A less intrusive version of the core aerator, the Slit Aerator pokes slits in the surface, up to 2 inches deep, to assist in overseeding, compaction relief or on the skin to assist in opening the infield surface post-rain. 350 lbs of suitcase weights insure the spikes break up some of…

    ABI Force® Plug / Core Aerator

    ABI Force Machine Option: The available 48″ plug aerator, mounted to the mid-mount hydraulic lift system, enables 115,000 sq. ft. per hour aerating output. With hydraulic downward-pressure and 400 lbs. of weights, this machine outperforms many dedicated aerators while achieving core depths up to 3 – 1/2″.

    ABI Force® Edger

    Remove overgrown vegetation from the lips and edges of the infield with the Edger and Clean Up Tool. Attached to the patented mid-mount spring system, this edger can make either a straight cut on the line or can be adjusted to windrow while cutting. A site gauge allows for precision cutting. Additionally, a specialized subsurface…

    ABI Force® Multi-Function Rake

    Can be pitched vertically to back blade material from high areas and fill into low areas, it can pull off loose vegetation and debris into piles, and it creates an ideal finish on gravel parking lots and for other heavy dirt work.

    ABI Force® Tooth Bar

    The Tooth Bar is design to fracture and loosen material to keep the optional Mini-Box loaded with material to improve efficiency when grading. Configure the Tooth Bar to 3″ or 6″ spacing for your job site.

    ABI Force® Scarifiers

    The Ripping Teeth make easy work of extreme hardpan and vegetation outside of the field. The rippers enable the ABI Force to be used to maintain gravel roads, parking lots, and even complete seedbed preparation jobs. These teeth temporarily replace the VibraFlex groomer or Profile Blades™ and are adjustable from 0 – 6″. With bolt…

    ABI Force® Mini-Box

    Mini-Box Blade attachment gives the ABI Force extra earth-moving muscle and unmatched versatility. The Mini-Box Blade easily mounts to the ABI Force’s unique mid-mount attachment system with drive-over capability and easy spin-on locks. With fingertip control of the powerful hydraulic & spring-loaded arms, users can quickly and effectively carry material, remove loosened debris & rocks,…

    ABI Force® Profile Blade

    Used to de-compact the surface without up-ending the surface profile! For light renovation work, the patented Profile Blade™ attachment yields unparalleled de-compaction results by slicing the complete profile of the infield material from 1/2″ up to 3 inches under the infield surface. Occasionally de-compacting the infield surface encourages a quick-draining and consistent-playing ball field. Profile…

    ABI Force® Rock Sifter

    ABI Force Machine Option: Don’t allow small rocks to ruin the lawn you’re installing or renovating. The mid-mount Rock Sifter leverages a unique design of fixed blades and replaceable harrow teeth to capture and remove 1″ and larger stones from loosened material.


    ABI Force® Scoop

    No need for a wheelbarrow if you have an ABI Force with rear Scoop on your trailer. With its hydraulic lift system and electric actuated dump and retraction ability, the Scoop can carry up to 300 pounds of mulch or soil and place it right where you want it.

    ABI Force® Landscape Rake

    The pivoting, multi-function Landscape Rake allows the ABI Force to provide you new extremes in job-site efficiency. The rake’s main weldment can be equipped with Scarifiers, Profile Blades, Stealth Blades, or a Tooth Bar depending on the type of work or soil you’re engaging. The adjustable 7’ Finish Rake on the rear provides a consistent…

    ABI Force® Cultipacker

    The rear-mount Cultipacker for the ABI Force leverages the patented RVF technology to give you complete control over your seed-to-soil contact. The system utilizes the multi-function rear hydraulic cylinder to engage the spring system, applying the desired down pressure on the cast-iron cultipacker rollers.


    ABI Force® Snow Plow Mounting System

    Ideal for contractors looking to make quick work of sidewalks and tight corners in residential areas and around commercial buildings. This snow plow mounting system includes all the hydraulic and mechanical components needed to connect a BOSS® 4′ or 5′ wide ATV Poly snow plow blade to an ABI Force, model z23. This system easily…

    ABI Force® Seed & Fertilizer Spreader

    Holds 120 lbs. of material and has an adjustable spread pattern from 4 to 25 feet, adjustable flow, and side deflector. This commercial-grade and independently controlled electric spreader is ideal for precisely broadcasting nearly any type of seed, fertilizer and even some infield surface conditioners.